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"We Remember"



Thank You Betty


Thank you Bill Gowacki


Thank you Peter and Brenda Griffen




Created by Raven.Thank you Raven and Betty.

From a very special lady, Thank You Betty!!


In Memory of SSG.Michael L.Batt


Thank you Ramona


Thank You Ken's World

Winner of the Absolute Cross Award


Thank You Shari!!!


Thank you Bulldog! This is a very special award from a very special Veteran!!

Another very special award from yet another very special Veteran. Thank you Wildgun!


Thank you Marci!!

Our third award from one of our wonderful Veterans. Thank you Doc Tom!!

Thank you Doris!!

Another big Thank you Doris

From another very special person
Thank you Ramona!!


Thank you Ray Lavin


Thank you Viper!! It is so wonderful!!

Thank you Sarah!!

Thank you Joe!! It is wonderful!!!!

Another Award from another fantastic Veteran!! Thanks Joe!!

Thank You, Ruby Beloz , owner and Webmistress of
My Dad Is A Vet web site


Thank You Robin!!!!!!!


Thank you Dale


From a very special person
Thank you Tony!!

Thank you Deb Reynolds.and Deb's brother, "Redeye" (who created this very special graphic.) Congrats Bev!


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