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Barry Stone



SSgt. Barry Alan Stone

After graduating from High School, June 1981 I went to work in the same furniture plant that my parents work. I worked there until I joined the Air Force. I went to Basic Training 7 Jan. 1982. I stayed a little longer waiting for my flight physical. I had decided to be a C-130 Loadmaster. I went to Shepherd AFB for Basic Loadmaster training. After that I completed my Loadmaster training at Little Rock. I was assigned to 2 MAPS- Mobile Ariel Port Squadron. I was then assigned to the 50 TAS in June of 1984. I went on a 72 day ROTE to Mildenhall, AB, England. Then in April 1987 I, PCS'd- Permanent Change of Station. I was assigned to the 17 TAS. At Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. I've spent time in Japan, Korea and the Philippines. In June 1990 I went TDY-Temp. Duty back to Little Rock for C130 Instructor school. After a while they put me in Stan-Eval. I became a Standard Evaluator. In other words I made sure people knew what they were doing. I gave Check Rides. Make sure people were updated on Safety Measures. Then in July 1992 I became ill and medically retired from the Air Force. I retired at Little Rock. After leaving the AF I started working for the company I currently work for. I am a Lead Supervisor. My favorite say is "Get off my plane." In 1990 Barry and another Loadmaster saved an Army guy's life. After the jumpmaster called "Clear" the other Loadmaster decided for what ever reason to look "outside." He found that the guy's static line got tangled and he was hanging on for dear life. Barry and the other Loadmaster laid on the floor and tried to pull him in. After they decided that they couldn't get him back in that way. Barry got up and started the static line switch. After a short time he turned the switch off. It broke. But thankfully they had a hold of they guy. His injuries contained of a few bruises and 17 stitches on his face. Ironically that was the squadron number 17.



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