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Betty Davis



I was born and raised in a small town on the Oregon Coast, Bandon, and lived there until 20 years ago when we were transferred to Ketchikan, Alaska. My parents still have their home in Bandon, I have a brother who lives there as well
as a sister who lives in the next town. I have two sons. My older son is currently a First Sergeant with the USAF, at Ramstein AFB, Germany. He is career military having been at Eglin, Langley, Sheppard and Bitburg AFB, Germany. He is a veteran of Desert Storm. He and his wife (who was my friend in Alaska before she met him!) have two daughters, one who was born in Germany 13 years ago, and the other born in Virginia who is 10. My younger son is a career firefighter with the Ketchikan Fire Department and an EMT III. He and his wife (who was a classmate of his in Oregon!) have one daughter who is 11. I am very fortunate that they live here because Germany is certainly far away! When they were stationed at Bitburg at the time the first grandchild was born, we were able to go to Germany. It was the most wonderful trip! My father is a WWII Navy vet, I have 2 nephews and 1 niece who are USMC vets, my husband is an Army vet, and I have many friends who are Coast Guard vets. We have a Coast Guard base in Ketchikan because of all the water and the ocean. I have never been in the military...I wish I had been. During the time my kids were growing up, I was a stay-at-home mom. When we moved here, the younger one was still in school (he chose to finish in Bandon and we supported that!), and I began working. I was first a volunteer dispatcher with the Ketchikan Fire Department and went on to become an EMT II on ambulance for 5 years. During this time, I accepted a position with the State of Alaska, Alaska State Troopers, as dispatcher.

Because of conflicts I had to give up the Fire Department and concentrate on the 'paying job'! I dispatched many years with AST, met so many wonderful Troopers and their families, and others through contacts that law enforcement has. While at AST an opportunity opened with the District Attorney's office and I transferred out. A few years later, another opportunity came up with State Troopers as administrative Assistant and I transferred back to AST! Last January I was contacted because I had my time in with the State and was asked if I wanted to opt for an early retirement...of course I said yes! So as of last year, I have not worked outside the home. I enjoy many things: my grandchildren, my yard though most things drown in Ketchikan before they can bloom, I read alot...all types of books, I crochet and knit, but my most enjoyable pastimes are my websites and my computer. I have learned a lot in the three years I've had a home computer and been on line. I have met so many wonderful people through my websites and their websites, and I enjoy helping friends who are having difficulty with a program or when their computer 'won't work right'. When the time is right and retirement age comes for my husband, we plan to return to Oregon on the coast somewhere. There is so much I could write! I have had a wonderful life, I have a wonderful family and wonderful friends, I have had opportunities to do things in Alaska that I wouldn't have had in the Lower 48 such as the ambulance experiences, State Trooper dispatching, and the people I have met. I think because of the isolation in Alaska, you soon know everyone in your own town or village. Many of the people I've met here have become what I term 'Forever Friends' and I have a website dedicated to them. I would not have known the American Native culture as I do today. There are many tribes and villages in Alaska as well as totem poles (we have two totem parks here) and heritage so it has been a continuing education. We are never too old to learn!



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