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Brad Reynolds



Brad was in Vietnam from Sept. 17, '67 to June 15, '68. He participated in 14 major operations in 10 months, including Operation Shelbyville, Essex, Houston I and II, Auburn, Baxter Garden, Allenbrook, Mameluke Thrust, and many "No Names" and patrols. He received two of his Purple Hearts on May 27, '68 on Operation Allenbrook, he was hit in the face, and later in the hand. On June 15, '68, Brad stepped on a mine during Operation Mameluke Thrust, and received his third Purple Heart in a VA hospital back in the States. It's been a small miracle finding other 3/5 Marines who were there at the same time, and on the same operations after all these years. Although he can't remember the names of most the Marines he served with, he will never forget how they looked after each other, and helped each other to survive the best they could. Semper fi, was, and still is, what it's all about. This bio and pics were taken fron Debbe Reynolds, site. Debbe is Brad's wife. Click here to see her site



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