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Donald Wrye



U.S.Army joined in June 30,1969 as PV1 at the time.
Education and training: infantryman and paratrooper stationed a Ft. Gordon.
He was in Vietnam Oct.10,1970 till Mar.10,1971.
He started out in Nam with 101st and was deployed to Americal. From what I understand is he was a scout with dog that went ahead of the troops to make sure the way was clear. His career end when he landed on a mind and lost right leg below the knee and then was shot in left foot by snipers before the choppers could get him out of there.
By the grace of GOD he and his dog came home. July 6,1971 he was permanently retired by reason of physical disability. Last duty assignment was with the 48th IPSD USARPAC

He is a RET.CPL. with medals and commendations.




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