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Doug Pursel



I joined the Navy in June 1957, one week after H.S., served 4 yrs as a seabee. Upon completion of 4 yrs., I came home and back then, you didn't get a discharge until your 7 yr obligation was up. You got a release from active duty, after I was released, I was told to contact the Marines in my hometown because the Navy didn't have anything in the area that would be compatible with the seabees and the Marines did. After I got in touch with the Marine unit, They made me an offer I couldn't refuse so joined them and they sent me off to Parris Island for some add. training. I stayed two yrs + and got out in early 1964. In Dec. of 1964, I received a draft notice and was called back into the Marines. After some add. training, I was sent to nam, assigned to the 3rd. Marines in DaNang. I was drafted for two yrs. I was given my rank back as E-5 (Sgt.) and later promoted to E-6 (S/Sgt). In a briefing one time, a Ranger Army Capt. had a mission that the Marines were going to do, (naturally, if its impossible or dangerous, give it to us.) Anyway, He made one mistake in the briefing, He stated there would probably be heavy casualities and 30% of my men as causalities would be acceptable, WRONG !!!!!! None of my mens loss is acceptable to me and I went over the table and got him. I was told later I could forget about making E-7 cause the Capt. was making a big fuss to the higher ups. When my enlistment was up, I was told that since I had been trained to do this particular job and it was over, I could stay in but I would have to go back to E-3. I wasn't about to do that so went back to the Navy, again as a seabee. I made E-7 (CPO) in the Navy and got out in 1975, 18 months after my wife died. I went into the Marine Reserve where I made E-7 (GySgt). Due to the fact that my truck driving job kept me on the road so much, I had to finally get out as I was gone so much. I have agent orange. I have been in Virginia since 1993 where I came after I got injured while unloading a truck. I am 61 yrs old and I work as a receiver for US Gypsum Co. Norfolk, Va.



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