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Gus Carroll



Joined the AF in 65.
Basic at Lackland AFB TX
Tech School at Keesler AFB MS
First assignment to Sewart AFB TN <now closed>
Assigned to Clark AB Philippines, 68-70
Assigned to Kelly AFB TX
Assigned to Miyako Jima Air Station, Okinawa actually on island of Miyako Jima>
Assigned to Little Rock AFB AR
Assigned to Scott AFB IL
Assigned to Giebelstadt AAF, W. Germany
Assigned to Scott AFB IL
Retired from AF in 1985 at the grade of MSgt <E-7>

While assigned to Clark, I earned the Bronze Star during a TDY to Vietnam.

Other than the above medal, my other 6 or so are "normal" ones (like National Defense, Outstanding Unit, etc.).



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