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Jim Talley




I was drafted in the Army in 68, went to Nam in 69-70. I was in the 23rd at LZ Mud , Chu Lia the AMERICAL DIV. I am 52 been married 22yrs. I have 2 kids, a daughter that is 19 and a son that is 9. I do magic, like roller skating, Bass fishing, and I like to write . I had lung cancer in 1990 but the LORD HEALED ME!!! . I drive a 18 wheeler for a living. I use to help counsel Nam Vets . I was one of the founders of the only chartered Vietnam Vet groups in Ms called The American Vietnam Veterans Of Mississippi. I was on the board of dir. for 10yrs. I wrote our newsletter, was POW/MIA
chairman,Agent Orange Chairman, membership Chairman and anything else that I could fit in. I also had a talk radio show for a while called the Veterans Fourm.




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