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Larry Kimmith



Hi. I'm "Dustoff 739," my name is S/Sgt Larry D. Kimmith from Dallas, Texas. I was in Vietnam for three and a half years as a combat medic with the 2/27th Infantry "Wolf Hounds" in Cu Chi, the 755th Med/94th Med Det attached to the 52nd Security Detachment running ambush patrols around Camp Holloway near Pleiku and the 85th Evac Hospital in Phu Bai between 1966- 70. I was in the following Campaigns: VN Counter-Offensives, Phases II/III/IV/V/VI/VII and Tet 68/69 Counter-Offensives, VN Summer-Fall, Consolidations I/II; Camp Holloway '68 - 69




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