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Linda Turner



My name is Linda Booze Turner. I was born July 24, 1957 in Greenville, South Carolina to Clifton Gene and Patricia Ann Colangelo Booze. I am a bonafide, certified military brat do to the fact my dad served 20+ years in the Army and Air Force. I never "grew up" in any one particular palce until dad retired in San Antonio, Texas in 1971. I have lived in Germany, Nebraska, Turkey, Georgia, Pakistan and last but not least Texas where I lived for over 30 years. I have 5 sisters with no brothers, me being the oldest. I am the proud mother of three children, Audri age 25, Jason age 21 and Nikki age 19. I am also the proud mother of two grandchildren, Carlie age 4 and Casidi age 2 and a boy due in April 2001. Adding to that I am the proud wife of a Vietnam Veteran who served in the Marines, Noland B Turner. We married in San Antonio, Texas in 1998 after meeting on the internet in April of 1996. I have two main hobbies and passions besides my family. The first is our Veterans. My second is genealogy. I also like to create web pages.



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