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Noland B Turner



Noland Turner was born September 26, 1946 in Paris Kentucky to Millard H and Martha Mae Durham Turner. In October of 1965 Noland received his draft notice for the United States Army. Instead of following the draft Noland decided to enlist in the military on his own free will and joined the Marines. After failing to report to the Army base, the Army sent officials to Noland's parents' house to pick him up. They were not happy to know he had enlisted in the Marines. He commenced training on December 30, 1965 in the Second Battalion, Platoon 2041 in San Diego, California. He graduated from boot camp on February 28, 1966. Although most of the men in the Platoon had orders to go to Vietnam, Noland did not receive orders to go. Noland was one of the top two in his class and they needed him to teach the other trainees. He put in a request to go to Vietnam five times before they finally sent him. It took about ten months for his requests to go through. In 1966 he was sent to An Khe with the Force Recon as the radio man. After a month Noland was ordered home to teach Basic Electronics as they were severely short of teachers. He taught in San Diego, California Marine Corp Recruit Depo and in Beauford, South Carolina at the Marine Corp Air Station. In November 1968 Noland went from Active Military to the inactive Marine Reserves and served until 1971.



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