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Norbert Ballauer



My name is Norbert better known as the Candyman, a year ago I was in the VA Hospital here in town having some metal taken out that I had been carrying for over 40 years, they got five piece out, but there was one still too near my heart and one too near my Spinal Column for them to try and mess with. Any way when I can out of the hospital I found that someone had named a list after me (for the life of me I don't know why). I am a little over 70 and started my military service back in 1947. I was send to Korea after my training at Ft Knox, Ky (six weeks of Infranty) no tanks. In 49 my unit was send to Japan (just before Christmas) to form up another unit, the 17th Inf Regt. In Jun 1950 I had enought time over seas to come home, but as luck would have it, the North Korean saw to it that I didn't. So I was headed back to Korea until Jun 1950 when a hospital ship brought me back to the states. I was in Germany from 52 to 55, went back to Korea in 56, was in Alaska in 65 to 67 (should have been a three year tour there), received order for Viet-Nam in 67 and stay until 69. The second tour I was a paper pusher as they found out about the shrapnel that I still carried. The first tour I was a door gunner, and I retired in 1970 after 25+ years and the reason for that was I was on TDY for about three weeks and when I came home I was wearing my dress blues. Well my youngest son answer the door and call out to his mother (Judy) "Mom, the post man is here". The next day I put in for retirement. And that about sums up most of my life.



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