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Pam Strasburg



My name is Pamela Rauch Strasburg. I was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, December 23. My Father is a WWII Navy Vet. We moved to Florissant when I was nine, my sister was four, that is where we grew up. I studied art in school and I knew my future husband from school but we weren't dating. Went to work for a department store. Met my husband again, he was my boss. After many trials and errors we married. I have taught classes in art appreciation, oil painting, glass painting, tin or tole painting, watercolors and fabric painting. We traveled with the Army as our guide, and I was a stay at home Mom. I just became more involved in my art work and family. I never had to work, so I volunteered to work at the school where my son was enrolled, then worked until our niece and nephew graduated. I became secretary, helper, teachers aide, lunchroom help if someone couldn't show up, painted going away and retirement presents for all the teachers, and worked with the pastor of the church. When Mike became a civilian, we moved to our own home. I drew up plans for a patio, deck and gardens. My job was to get the plans in an order where my husband and son could see what I wanted and they would build it. I did, they did, we were really happy. I wanted to learn how to frame some old prints. Because the price was prohibitive. I got a job as a framer and learned the art of making frames, matting and cutting glass. I could frame anything a person could bring in. Then we moved to our newly built home. I gave up the framing job. My cousin was starting a garden greenhouse business and asked me to come help out. I have always loved to plant and care for plants, so I worked with him for a number of years. To this day if I have a problem to think out, I will go to the greenhouses and plant whatever he needs planted that day. My cousin loves to see me. I get a whole lot of transplanting done and all my problems get worked out.There is nothing like sitting in a nice warm greenhouse on a cold March morning planting seeds that will be put into hanging baskets in a month or two. The warm sun coming through the glass, the bees buzzing, the good smelling earth in your hands. My idea of a perfect day! I decided to do something else so I worked as a cashier at the local Wal Mart. About a year into that, the lady in the pharmacy asked if I would like to apply for a job in their little corner of the store. I said yes, I thought it would be fun. I was tiring of just running a cash register. So I made the move. That is when I met and started working with Bev Bouchard, my good friend. It was a challenge, because sick people old or young just don't care about a smile when they are feeling ill. It was an eye opener! I was in a job I really loved. After a number of years I became ill and had no choice, I had to retire from my work. I still miss the activity of the pharmacy, the personel and the customers very much. Even today I can walk into the pharmacy and have a customer ask me where I've been and want me to get something for them.
I have the ability to think of something I want done and accomplish it. I wanted to learn to quilt, so I did. I wanted to learn to use a computer, I am still mastering that one! I think I am accomplished at making and keeping friends. What I lack in knowledge I make up for by being a congenial happy person. I am happily married, happily waiting on the birth of our first grandchild in August, 2000. I am very content with my life.



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