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PJ Perry



My husband, Norm, and I live in east Tennessee. We moved here after he got his medical discharge from the Navy in July 1980, and have never regretted it. The beauty of the area; the warmth and friendliness of the people; and the feeling of being "home" make us wonder why we waited so long to come here. He's a 100% disabled veteran who enjoyed working with wood until recently, when his doctors advised him to give up the lathe (that he built himself), the saws, and all the other tools that he loved. He can no longer stand for long periods of time. To regress a bit: we were both born in central Illinois, met when he was an inspector and I, an assembly line worker at Eureka Williams Co. in Bloomington. Before he knew what my name was, he told his Dad that he was "going to marry that little redhead over there"!! Durned if he didn't; two months after our first date! We raised three incredible sons and a wacky, wonderful daughter. By 1978, all of my men were in the service.........the two older boys in the USMC, Norm and the youngest boy in the Navy. (Norm had 12 1/2 years previous service in the USMC; you know what they say..Once a Marine, always a Marine!) We are both active in the Disabled American Veterans and Auxiliary. I've been Unit commander; Senior Vice Commander for the State; and State Auxiliary Commander. For 8 years, I was responsible for putting together the Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies for our town. I'm sorry to say that I had to "pass the torch" after my heart attacks, but I still participate in them. I am Chapter Service Officer for our local chapter and love working with and helping veterans. That is my career of choice.......helping these guys and gals fight the government for all to which they are entitled! Nothing we can ever do for them can repay what they've done for all of us. I'm so grateful that I've found the VWF list! What a wonderful bunch of people, who have rapidly moved into my heart!!! I love you all!



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