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Women in the Military


Our Military Women. A very important group in our Military yet one of the most forgotten. People tend to think of War and the Military as male. This page is dedicated to those Women who served in our Armed Forces, who also laid their lives down for our country, who cried with grief at the loss of lives, who fought and cried with joy at lives that were saved. Whose compassion, gentleness and love kept most going at a time of great need. Who suffered just as much when they came home with the memories of horror they could just not forget. These my friends are our Women in the Armed Forces. We Salute You and Thank you for all you have done, are doing and will do for this great country of ours and for us, the American people.



I don't go off to war, so they say,
I'm a woman.

Who then has worn my boots? And whose memories are these, of youth's suffering?

I'm a woman and I've tasted man's war. Our war. And he knows that I love in no greater way than to share in his life or his death.

What are the rules? Man or woman, we are prey to suffer and survive together.

Please don't forget me. I've been through war's hell and if only you will listen, I've a story of those chosen to sacrifice for us all.


© Diane Carlson Evans, Vietnam 1968-69 Chair & Founder, Vietnam Women's Memorial Project, Inc.


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